Melbourne, Australia is known as the world most livable city. This title can mean a lot of things and is likely to refer to the incredible selection of food markets that you will find there on any given day. Those who have never had the chance to visit Melbourne should know that there are literally hundreds of reasons to visit at least once in your life. Those who are planning to visit Melbourne in the near future will want to leave themselves a great deal of time to explore all of the markets available in Melbourne.


Melbourne market all feature a variety of our favorite and most useful commodities. The culture of Melbourne is certainly among its most interesting features because it bears the mark of a number of influences, most notably of European and Native Australian cultural influences. As a result, you are sure to find a wide array of products available in the Melbourne markets including food, clothing, art works, cultural artifacts and even live music. These means that in Melbourne you can peruse local art works, check out a local tag sale and then stop off for farm fresh fruits and vegetables in the food markets. The markets in Melbourne are like an ongoing festival celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Australia.


Because of Melbourne's fantastic climate, open air markets are available all of the time. When you visit the large, open air Sunday markets, like Queen Victoria Market, you will get a chance to sample all of the finest food available in Melbourne while enjoying the incredible weather and festivities. The food you will find in these open air markets is usually from local farmers, fishermen and local food vendors who offer only the freshest food you will find anywhere.


The open air Melbourne fresh food market feature fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, served in a bazaar atmosphere that is unique and refreshing. Melbourne is a coastal city in southern Australia which means that it has access to fresh and beautiful seafood every day. When you shop at Melbourne seafood markets, you are sure to find some of the freshest and highest quality seafood available anywhere.



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